AEXCO is responsible for the collection of the following royalties that apply to all AEXCO oat hay varieties.

Hay End Point Royalty:

AEXCO varieties: Brusher, Forester, Kangaroo, Koorabup, Mulgara and Tungoo @ $2.20 / tonne (GST inclusive)
Third party varieties: Bannister, Dunnart, Durack, Williams and Yallara @ $2.20 / tonne (GST inclusive), Wallaby and Kultarr @ $3.30 / tonne (GST inclusive), Kingbale and Archer @ $3.65 / tonne (GST exclusive).

Grain End Point Royalty:

AEXCO varieties: Brusher, Forester, Koorabup, Mulgara and Tungoo @ $2.20 / tonne (GST inclusive)

Seed Royalty:

Growers buying seed for the production of grain and / or domestic hay may also have to pay a seed royalty. The seed royalty will be incorporated into the seed price quoted by an authorized AEXCO seed distributor.
Royalties are distributed back to SARDI and Agrifutures Australia as agreed in each variety license.

AEXCO Grower Variety License

  • Each time a grower purchases seed, the grower simultaneously enters into a license with AEXCO under the terms and conditions of the attached AEXCO Variety License.
  • A grower does not need to sign the Variety License, as the grower is taken to agree to the license terms and conditions at the point of sale.

The Seed Variety License terms and conditions apply to all purchases of AEXCO Varieties purchased and or planted during that season. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to make yourself fully aware of all the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of an AEXCO variety. The key points of the Variety License include:

  • An AEXCO Variety can only be purchased from an approved AEXCO seed distributor / retailer.
  • AEXCO Varieties are protected under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (1994).
  • End Point Royalty is payable on all grain and hay production (except seed retained by grower for re-planting).
  • No grower to grower trading of AEXCO Varieties is allowed without the authorization of AEXCO.

License obligations are enduring.

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