It is over 10 years since Producing Quality Oat Hay was published by the Rural Industries Development Corporation (RIRDC). To reflect developments since 2006, the Australian Export Company (AEXCO) has supported the production of this new edition.

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Producing Quality Oat Hay 2016

© 2016 AEXCO
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-0-646-95604-6

Published in June 2016



* John Black, CSIRO
** Trent Butcher, Consult Ag
* Robert Di Cristoforo, ARRB Group, formerly Roaduser Systems Pty Ltd
* Mick Faulkner, Agrilink Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd
* Pat Guerin, Balco Australia
** Mark Heaslip, Gilmac Pty Ltd and Aexco
** Sue Hoppo, SARDI, National Oat Breeding Program
* San Jolly, Applied Ruminant Nutrition
** Darren Keating, Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA)
** Garren Knell, Consult Ag
* Peter McCormack, SARDI, National Oat Breeding Program
** Denis McGrath, Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO)
* Alan McKay, SARDI
* Frank Mickan, Victorian Department of Primary Industries
* Colin Peace, Australian Fodder Industry Association
*** Barrie Purser, Haen Pty Ltd
** Cory Ryan, JT Johnson
* Lyall Schulz, hay grower, AEXCO committee
** Ian Sawyer, Feedworks
* Gavin Schuster, hay grower
* Murray Smith, Balco Australia
* Graham Thomson, hay grower
** Greg Toomey, Landmark
** Georgie Troup, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
* Hugh Wallwork, SARDI
* Charlie Williams, hay grower
*** Pamela Zwer, SARDI, National Oat Breeding Program
* Contributors to first edition as noted in the original publication
** Contributors to the second edition
*** Contributors to both editions



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